Reticulation System

Reticulation System

The reticulation system allows for the reinstatement of a chemical barrier around the foundations of the home utilising a network of underground pipes.

Using precise control of the chemical application, this system helps to protect against invasion by termites which would otherwise enter from the outside of your home.

Reticulation Systems are designed to replenish chemicals to the soil and areas under concrete such as the perimeters of houses. The reticulation system is a perforated pipe that saturates the surrounding soil with termite treating chemicals when under pressure.

Ideally a reticulation system should be installed to the perimeter of a building just after construction and before any additional slabs are laid.

The installation of the reticulation system means that landscaping, pavers and concrete won’t have to disturbed every time the termite barrier in renewed.

Reticulation systems can still be installed to an existing building but any additional concrete slabs will need to be cut to allow installation. If this is not possible, the concrete areas will need to be drilled and injected the old fashioned way.

Insects Free Pest Management reticulation systems are installed by qualified and experienced Technicians.